Microsoft Power BI

↑          Interactive, UI, UX

A suite of business analytics tools that allows users to connect data sources, produce visual reports, and publish them to the web and their organization.


↑                    Power BI Hub Concept


↑                PBI main navigation explorations


↑                Alerts & notifications

The ever-changing nature of data is one of the few true constants in product design, but what’s the use in tracking it if you are unaware of it’s changes? To solve this problem, we sought to bring notifications and alerts within a users account to the forefront in the form of small notifications and persisting alerts throughout the product. With no system built into Power BI prior, we set out to define a system of categorization and interactivity within notifications to clearly deliver the most pertinent information to the user.


↑                Panes & side rails

In order to ship the best product possible proper documentation, clearcut guidelines, and concise communication are of the utmost importance. I take great care and pride in properly detailing and breaking down my design decisions within features final designs. Creating these spec documents ensures that the design is integrated as intended and designed, down to the pixel. The devil is in the details, after all. We soon needed a place to house our design guidelines, so the Power BI StyleGuide was born.


↑                    PBI style library


↑                    PBI component redline example 

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